What Is Cellulite? And What Causes it?

We’re going to talk about cellulite, what causes it and how we can prevent it and reduce it.

Lets just talk first what is this thing cellulite, we all hate and want to get rid of.

So normally we have the skin, then the auto connective sheet of connective tissue – called fascia, that keeps everything held together. Then the fat layer (made out of lots of fat cells) and then the muscle.

What happens in cellulite?

As fat cells get bigger, they fill up with fat and cause to over stretch Fascia ( which is supposed to hold it all together). Fascia starts to separate in the fat kind of bulges and gives this dimple effect.Then behind it you have atrophied muscle, which makes the whole thing kind of jiggly and hang off the body. So the combination of atrophied muscle, fat cells enlargement and broken-down fascia that’s what causes cellulite.

What are the common causes of cellulite?

For example, If you had a pregnancy and gained a lot of weight, then lost a lot of weight and then you went on the diet and gained a lot of weight and lost it, you’re eventually gonna get cellulite, because you’re creating over stretching of your fascia. Other causes can he hormonal changes, lack of physical activity, unhealthy lifestyle, illnesses, poor circulation, lack of vitamins and minerals and many more.

How to reverse cellulite?

1. We want to shrink the fat cells, we need to get the fat out of the fat cells.

When you lose weight and lose fat, you’re not getting rid of the fat cells, you’re just shrinking them, we can’t get rid of the fat cells, in fact we are just making them smaller/shrinking them. To do that, we are dealing with the main hormone that controls how much fat goes into the cells and that is insulin. We have to lower insulin (we cannot fix cellulite without lowering insulin first).

How to lower insulin? Changing the eating plan (cut out the carbs, intermediate fasting). Choose complex carbs. Notice portion size. Increase activity. Decrease inflammation (fat is also producing inflammation)

2. We want to tighten up fascia.

Fascia tissue is a type of collagen, that is controlled by Growth Hormone (GH). GH is the anti-aging hormone that is responsible for keeping your proteins healthy and elastic. Not just the hair, skin, nails, but the fascia around hips, buttocks and around fat. If we try to lose weight unhealthy you never fix the growth hormone factor and you end up never getting rid of the Cellulite. So it’s about getting the liver healthy and triggering the growth hormone as much as we can. It’s not about taking hormones, it’s about having to do some type of exercise as well as rest. We have to physically move those muscles to activate Growth hormone.

How to activate growth hormone?

Combination of high intensity exercise and full-body exercise rest is the key Sleep Don’t over train Moderate amount of protein (consume high quality amino acids like: eggs, fish, meet, legumes , nuts, protein powders) Intermittent fasting is vital because it triggers growth hormone. five six meals a day spread out or snacks

3. Lower cortisol in the body.

Cortisol is a stress hormone from adrenals glands and can increase due to many factors, as well as menopausal changes. It is very destructive, it breaks down muscle tissue faster than it’s building it back up. So more cortisol from stress will just prevent everything from working. It keeps the insulin high, the growth hormone down, so we really want to handle this cortisol.

How to lower cortisol?

Reduce stress. Support the adrenals glands that controls cortisol increase the sleep (very vital). Vitamin D (ideally from sun). Walking also lowers cortisol. So the combination between the days off from the high-intensity exercise, go for a walk.

4. Lower estrogen. Have you ever noticed more women get cellulite than men? It is because of the estrogen component. Estrogen – female sex hormone, and it makes fat. Estrogen puts fat around the hips and stomach and causes weight gain.

How to manage Estrogen?

Plenty of fibre. Consume cruciferous vegetables. Exercise. Flax seeds.

All explained above, this condition ‘Cellulite’, it’s not a little thing, it’s a major problem that has been there chronically for years, tens of years to get to this stage. So what we have to realize, that it will take time to reverse it. It can take 1,2,3 years to get tissues back to where they should be. Think long turn. But you definitely see improvements.

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