Cellulite Slayer Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Single Session (55 mins) £180

Course of 5 £850

Single Session (85 mins) £240

Course of 5 £1100

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This gentle massage reduces water retention and swelling, supports digestion and immune system function, and improves circulation whilst promoting relaxation and general wellbeing. It is an ideal treatment for those who are suffering from heavy swollen legs and arms, and a bloated stomach. It also reduces lymphedema. You should also consider this lymphatic drainage massage if you have recently had surgery (including plastic surgery) to improve recovery. You will leave looking feeling much lighter and more relaxed.

For lasting results we recommended a course of 5 weekly treatments alongside a healthy diet, exercise and sufficient fluid intake. Combine this treatment with infrared sauna therapy or any of our body wraps to maximise benefits. Additionally, ask your therapist about supplement and product recommendations to boost your results from home. If you are looking for a more intense anti-cellulite treatment and results we would recommend our signature cellulite slayer massage.

Hot Tip:

Reduce salt intake as salt contains sodium which causes fluid retention.

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