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  • Immunity - Vit C, B complex, B12
  • Skinny - Vit C, B complex, B12, Biotin
  • Energy -B12, Vit D, Vit C

Booster Immunity

This booster shot helps to support your immune system and create an antioxidant shield for your body, increasing your energy and improving your overall health.

Ingredients: Vit C, B Complex, B12


This booster shot contains a special formula of supportive nutrients that help the body metabolise fat, promote healthy cell function and increase energy.

Ingredients: Vit C, B Complex, B12, Biotin


This booster shot is the ultimate wellbeing source. It revitalises your energy levels, fortifies your immune defenses and enables a lifestyle without limitations.

Ingredients: B12 , Vit D , Vit C , B Complex

Hot Tip:

Get one on a regular basis to keep your vitamin levels up

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