Body Wrap + Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Firm and Tone Wrap

This firming treatment is a delight to the senses and can be performed year-round or during seasonal changes. It combines a purifying exfoliation with a detox massage using the pleasant texture of Marine Friction. A detoxifying relaxation phase stimulates elimination and drains toxins. The body feels light and appears more toned.

Magnesium Wrap

An essential mineral that many people are deficient in. Dermal absorption of magnesium has an intense anti-stress effect, improves sleep quality, and effectively reduces muscle tension

Cellulite Contour

This intensive treatment that actually reduces cellulite begins with an analysis of the type of cellulite to be treated to optimise personalisation. Marine active ingredients smooth the skin in a customised massage. Contours are re-sculpted from the first treatment.

Hot Tip:

Combine with an infrared sauna session for the ultimate relaxation.

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