Body Mesotherapy

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  • Injection of active ingredients
  • Supports weight loss
  • Tightens the skin
  • Improves stretch marks
  • Reduces cellulite

Injections of custom-blended vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and plant extracts are delivered by very fine needles via mesogen or individual syringes. The depth of the injection and active ingredients are determined by the practitioner based on skin needs and treatment goals. These injections promote local circulation and local metabolism, leading to localised fat loss, skin firmness, and a substantive reduction in cellulite. Additional benefits can include tightening loose skin, fading lines and wrinkles, and recontouring the body.

Mesotherapy can also be extremely beneficial in treating alopecia or hair loss. It directly targets the root causes of hair loss to reduce hair loss and with a course of treatment, promotes new hair growth to leave your hair full and healthy.

Hot Tip:

Avoid long baths; they dry out the skin.

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