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Body Contouring Treatment with Radio Frequency

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Single Session (55 mins) £180

Course of 5 £850

Single Session (85 mins) £240

Course of 5 £1100

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This treatment is ideal for those who are focused on weight loss and fat reduction, particularly in the problem areas such as the thighs, stomach, and arms. Multipolar Radio Frequency heats up the skins resulting in circumferential reduction and actual reduction in volume of fat cells. It is also wonderful for tightening loose skin and smoothing stretch marks particularly after weight loss or pregnancy.

Radio Frequency is combined with elements of our signature massage such as cupping which lifts the fat cells and connective tissue, moving fatty acids, fluids and toxins closer to the surface of the skin where rhythmical massage pushes them into the lymphatic system allowing them to be easily flushed out.

For lasting results we recommend a course of 5 weekly treatments alongside a healthy diet, exercise and good hydration. You can combine treatment with infrared sauna therapy or any of body wraps to maximise benefits. Additionally, ask your therapist about supplement and product recommendations to boost your results from home.

Hot Tip:

Treat the skin on your body as you would treat the skin on your face. Remember to moisturise.

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