Abdominal Massage

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Abdominal massage provides a range of physical and emotional benefits. We often store our emotional issues, stress, and anxiety in our abdomen and so much of our health and wellbeing starts with our gut. The result is poor digestion, bloating, and a weakened immune system. Massage can help to alleviate these symptoms and improve overall wellbeing.

Treatment involves gentle, rhythmic strokes and targeted pressure to relax abdominal muscles and stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems. The benefits include improved digestion, reduced bloating, released muscle spasms, decreased PMS symptoms, and a boosted immune system. Abdominal massage can also tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles and improve skin elasticity resulting in a firmer and more toned abdomen.

Beyond the physical benefits, abdominal massage can help to reduce stress and tension fostering a deep sense of relaxation and emotional release. It is an excellent treatment for promoting physical and emotional wellness, and will leave you feeling revitalised and balanced.

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Just breathe.

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