Should I use SPF to protect my skin from the sun?

That is the question… If you are as puzzled about whether you should be using SPF or not, as our dear protagonist friend Hamlet is about his precious life – then this blog post is definitely for you.

We live in interesting times. The global pandemic might have affected your holiday plans this year. Due to the coronavirus, most airlines grounded their fleet and countries closed their borders. But some of us, might still be able to go away and enjoy the sunshine even during the current climate. To be quite frank, the weather has been surprisingly nice in the UK too. A lot more people are taking this opportunity to enjoy themselves in their gardens or in public parks.

We are constantly being reminded to wear SPF, so how do we protect ourselves from the sun? And why should we?

Sunscreen protects us from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays: UVA and UVB. UVB rays are responsible for sunburn and the effects of UVB are very obvious, as we can see and feel it on the skin.

UVA rays cause skin damage that actually leads to tanning as well as those scary things that we all dislike – skin agin and wrinkles. No one wants those! But what is even scarier that both UVB and UVA rays are the well known key players in developing skin cancer.

Here at Cellulite Slayer we recommend to use SPF 50. We know that many of you use a foundation with at least SPF15. Although, it is not enough as we supposed to use a half of a teaspoon of SPF for our face and neck to get the actual factor protection. We know it doesn’t sound like a lot but it is actually loads!

It is important to be applying applying a good quality SPF50+ sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going outdoors. It’s essential during the summer but it’s also a must at every point in the year.

We recommend to apply at least one spoon to each limb, as well as a half-teaspoon, each to the face, neck and don’t forget your ears! Reapplication must be done every two hours, or as it says on the label of your sunscreen, as well as after swimming. If you ask any doctor or plastic surgeon, what is the most important skin product that you always need to use and never neglect. We guarantee that the answer will be a cream containing SPF.

Lots of love, Cellulite Slayer Team

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