Party Season Preparation With Cellulite Slayer Christmas Treatments

With the party season almost upon us, Cellulite Slayer has rounded up the best treatments and tips to get your body toned and taut for your little black dress. From the at home detox tips to our must-book treatments, we have covered every base.



This Gentle Massage Reduces Water Retention & Swelling, Supports Digestion & Immune System Function, & Improves Circulation Whilst Promoting Relaxation & General Wellbeing. Combine This Treatment with Infrared Sauna Therapy Or Any Of Our Body Wraps To Maximize Benefits. You Will Leave Looking Feeling Much Lighter & More Relaxed.


These Treatments Are Amazing For Making You Feel Light & Purified, Through The Use Of Thalion Products. Toxins Are Eliminated, Cellulite Slayed Through Personalized Targeting, Even Fat Burning Can Be Achieved! Leaving You Looking & Feeling Your Best For The Party Season. Best options for Party Season Prep: 3 ACTION MARINE WRAP, CELLU CONTOUR, & EXPRESS SLIMMING.


Infrared Saunas Are An Effective Tool For Natural Healing & Prevention. Infrared Light Has The Ability To Penetrate Human Tissue Which In Turn Produces A Host Of Health & Anti-Ageing Benefits. Clinically Shown To Raise Core Temperature 3 Degrees. Resulting In The Most Detoxifying Sweat. Benefits: Detoxification – Anti-Ageing – Pain Relief Cardio – Weight Loss – Relaxation.



Good gut health is big news right now. Happy gut bacteria help prevent illness, enhance digestion and are phenomenal mood boosters. In short, vital to our whole body’s wellbeing.

While a healthy digestive system can prevent bloating, constipation or diarrhoea, gut microbes can also influence inflammation and control the calories you absorb, linking the health of your gut directly to weight issues.

A good gut detox diet means limiting sugars, which suppress beneficial bacteria, and eating clean, minimally processed foods as much as possible. You can also top up on friendly bacteria; foods that contain live bacteria and yeasts, which increase the population and activity of your gut. Most supplements contain the common lactobacillus and bifidobacterium strains to support beneficial flora, and they can restore bacteria if you’re taking antibiotics, and help if you’ve had a tummy bug.


Healthy digestion leads to gorgeous glowing skin, but there are other tricks to add to your detox diet. Try topping up skin-nourishing nutrients with a supplement. Four key ingredients to look out for are marine collagen (to boost smoothness and elasticity), silica (which helps rebuild and regenerate skin-plumping collagen), vitamin C (vital for collagen production, as well as mopping up free radicals that damage skin and cause wrinkles) and MSM (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane is a natural sulphur that promotes skin firmness and reduces inflammation). And yes, H2O is important, as water helps deliver nutrients to your skin and flushes out toxins that cause congestion.

Why not detox your make-up bag and skin care while you’re at it? Mineral products are much less irritating to skin than other make-up, allows it to breathe and looks more natural. Layer mineral make-up with a kabuki brush to get the right coverage – it won’t mask your natural glow.


This is a simple beverage recipe that takes only minutes to prepare and includes key ingredients for natural detoxification, including lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, ginger, cinnamon and cayenne pepper.

Warm or hot water 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoons lemon juice ½ teaspoon ground ginger ¼ teaspoon cinnamon 1 dash cayenne pepper 1 teaspoon raw, local honey (optional)

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11:52 28 Jun 24
Erika is very knowledgeable and extremely professional. Highly recommended!
Badriyah AlMudhafBadriyah AlMudhaf
17:23 22 May 24
Nisha is excellent!
Misbah RazaMisbah Raza
16:56 21 May 24
Bia was amazing as usual. Thorough, professional and candid feed back. Lovely treatment!
Jackie Smith HilliardJackie Smith Hilliard
19:04 01 May 24
Amazing!!! Absolutely love my treatments , the staff are so nice and helpful. Thank you very much . Cannot wait for next visit.
Bogdan DrinkovBogdan Drinkov
11:54 27 Apr 24
I've had an abdominal massage with Bia twice so far. I think it's called body contour. The service was outstanding. My gut felt better.Also, Tony is really friendly every time I come.I also love the infrared sauna. It was nice, private, and I could even bring my laptop and do some work. Maybe I'll bring my girlfriend with me next time. It's gonna be great for both of us.Absolutely recommend Cellulite Slayer!
Aida LangdonAida Langdon
19:51 01 Apr 24
Wonderful service. I had a facial with Marina, she was absolutely brilliant and her attention to detail is second to none. She really listened to my concerns, provided the recommendations and my skin looked great after the treatment. I have bought a course as I was happy with the result of the 1st treatment, will be coming back for more!
21:07 27 Feb 24
As always, a very professional service from the moment you walk in through the door. Tony is very courteous and greets you with a warm smile. My treatment today was with Alina, again, very professional. I've had the hydra therapy and the massages, you definitely notice a difference after the treatments. smoother, less bumpy skin. Definitely 5 star treatment and i look forward to the next treatment soon.
yasmine ghozziyasmine ghozzi
18:12 26 Jan 24
Erika is brilliant and a warm person too. I do lymphatic massage with her on almost monthly basis. My body always feels refreshed and I can always see results after her session. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for effective lymphatic massages.
Ashley RothsteinAshley Rothstein
12:18 23 Jan 24
I’ve been going to Cellulite Slayer for 1 year. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience there especially with Alina. She’s very professional and also personable. She works with you to establish a program suited to you and your needs. I’ve noticed changes in the texture and tightness of my skin and reduction of cellulite. I would highly recommend.

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