Irina Shayk, the customer of “Cellulite Slayer”, what is it? (TakeToNews Article)

Irina Shayk, customer of “Cellulite Slayer”, what is it?

First of all, who is “cellulite slayer“: The owner and businesswoman of the salon is Tetyana Probyy-Holova, a former Ukrainian national judo champion with a degree in rehabilitation physiotherapy and sports medicine plus various specializations as a teacher of Yoga, Life Coaching and Feng Shui.

What has conquered the top is the method which in fact promises, without too many words, to face in a way radical and effective cellulite. Cellulite Slayer® is a protocol tailored to every customer need that basically combines lymphatic drainage, cupping and deep tissue, or deep tissue massage.

The lymphatic drainage is the first step which opens and unlocks i lymphatic stagnation, therefore the feeling of heaviness and swelling: it can be manual or performed with the support of technologies tailored to the condition of each customer.

Cupping and lymphatic drainage, Irina Shayk’s anti-cellulite combo

Second step, the cupping: an ancient practice for thousands of years, also in use in the Traditional Chinese Medicinetake advantage of small heated glass, bamboo or ceramic bells that create a vaccum effecta sort of small vacuum that “sucks” the tissues inside for a time usually from five to fifteen minutes, with various benefits.

First of all circulators, as it calls the blood to flow to the last of the superficial capillaries. Also valid as a treatment of contractures, for the revitalization of the deep connective tissue, for the elimination of swelling and lymphatic stagnation. According to Chinese medicine, it would also be able to purify the body by indirectly stimulating organs such as liver and kidneysas well as the psyche.

Practice it however it is not to be approached lightly: it can cause minor burns, edema, rupture of blood vessels, which is why it is essential to rely only on professionals with expertise.

Last step of “Cellulite Slayer”, a deep tissue massage, or a connective massage with maneuvers usually performed with pressure (or with tool like a bamboo stick) Rather vigorousso as to stimulate the deep muscular system giving a immediate toning and tensor effect.

Result: it definitely comes out more light and drained, toned like after a short gym session but above all “reset” against the main causes of the imperfection, ie poor circulation, stagnation and local inflammatory stages.

Irina’s other beauty addresses, from the gold facial to the infrared sauna

The top is faithful to another couple of high addresses of beauty. There is no red carpet, event or fashion week if it does not go through the first hands of the trusty beautician Mimi Luzon. THEhis workhorse is 24k Pure Gold Treatment: it’s about a 24 karat gold leaf maskput in pose, then dissolved with a particular elixir oil and massage until you become one with the skin of the face and décolleté (and legs if desired).

The infrared sauna

Last but not least, for the body, the infrared sauna: Irina is crazy about it, it will be because it reminds her of Russian customs, it will be because it is really a boost for the times when you feel tired, stressed or loaded with toxins.Between 38-45 degrees, therefore at lower temperatures than a traditional sauna, the “infrared sauna” – according to how the center presents it – offers a form of “passive training” which induces the body to boost circulation, detoxification and metabolismburning 300 to 800 calories in 30 minutes.

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