FAQ: Cellulite and Weight Loss?

In this post we are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about cellulite and weight loss that we get on our Cellulite Slayer Instagram account (ig: @cel-lulite_slayer)Does cellulite go when you lose weight?

There is no doubt – everyone wants to be “orange peel” free. We are sorry to disappoint but weight loss by itself doesn’t cure cellulite but it certainly helps in reducing and preventing its appearance. By maintaining a healthy weight throughout your life – you will have less fat beneath your skin – it means – less chances of “orange peel” skin appearing.What’s the difference between cellulite and fat?

We all have fat IN our bodies and nearly all of us have cellulite-based fat ON our bodies. Regular body fat can be reduced by adopting a healthy diet, regular exercise and overall by reducing your weight (if you happened to be overweight). Cellulite occurs because of genes and our daily habits and it cannot be eliminated as easily. Hence-why, we are here to help to speed this process up.Are there ways to prevent cellulite?

We always suggest to our clients that one of the most important cellulite prevention strategies is to take care of your skin. And it’s not just about your face. Make sure and moisturise your body too. We are sure that you have heard this all before but quitting smoking, eating yummy healthy foods and using sunscreen does help to keep your skin smooth and tight.Is there a cure for cellulite?

We have a variety of treatments available at our gorgeous Cellulite Slayer clinic. For example, Signature Cellulite slayer massage. It visibly reduces cellulite, instantly lifts and sculpts your body. Intensive massage increases blood flow back into the problematic areas like thighs, hips, stomach and arms. Combined with cupping massage – it breaks down fat deposits and lymphatic drainage. It is an incredible cellulite treatment which dramatically decreases fluid retention and acts as a perfect detox for your body.

Although, you need to remember that lasting change starts within yourself. We are happy to guide you and recommend the ways you can maintain your body shape and improve your skin condition.Are there any specific exercises to get rid of cellulite?

There are plenty of workouts that suggest a quick fat-burning and cellulite-shrinking effects. Many fitness instructors do claim that regular repetition of strength and cardio exercises might help with cellulite. Our answer is simple – firming the muscles underneath the cellulite certainly helps to smooth the skin’s appearance. Although, you must remember about nutrition, healthy lifestyle and circulation. Our cellulite slayer treatments will help to enhance your circulation and keep your skin silky smooth.

We do hope this post helps. Please do get in touch with us if you do have any questions on info@celluliteslayer.com

Lots of love, Cellulite Slayer Team

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