Cellulite Slayer’s Top Tips for At-Home Body Care

At Cellulite Slayer, we have always been really passionate about the importance of a good at home body care routine. Most people have a several step facial skincare routine but neglect their body care. That’s why you can find us telling our clients (and everyone who will listen) that the skin is the largest organ and you should treat the skin on your body the way you do the skin on your face. This is especially true if you are trying to combat cellulite, loose skin, or stretch marks!

During the pandemic we prioritised sharing tips for at home body care and have since continued to do so. Our Instagram highlights featuring demonstrations of self-massage for lymphatic drainage, how to use our signature cup, and techniques to reduce water retention have been incredibly popular. If you are interested in learning more about our home care tips our “Health Tips”, “Self Massage” and “Abs Massage” highlights on Instagram are a great place to start.

Our treatments are amazing (if we do say so ourselves) but by far the best results are achieved when body care isn’t limited to a weekly treatment. Dry brushing, self-massage, regular exfoliation, and daily moisturising make a world of difference. Body care is best approached holistically. It absolutely includes the exercise that many of us prioritise, but it also includes maintaining a healthy lymphatic system and taking care of our skin.

Our Cellulite Slayer products are designed to complement your home care routine. It includes our Lymph Brush and Massage Cup, which many clients love. It also contains two amazing natural supplements Lymph Drainage and Thermo Complex. Lymph Drainage is wonderful if you struggle with water retention and poor lymph flow while Thermo Complex provides a fantastic metabolic boost.

Home body care is such an under appreciated area of beauty and we love sharing our knowledge and product recommendations. Here are a few more of our favourite tips:

Start with a good hydrating body wash. It is one of our most commonly used products and many of them can be very drying.

Moisturise daily! Yes, your whole body, every day. The type of cream you need may vary based on time of the year, skin type, and personal needs. For example, a richer moisturiser for drier areas and a cellulite cream on ‘problem areas”.

Exfoliate regularly. This can be done with the Lymph Brush on the dry skin all over the body, moving in circular motions working from the feet upwards. Make sure to moisturise afterwards.

Incorporate supplements – we recommend Cellulite Slayer Lymph Drainage, Cellulite Slayer Thermo Complex, Collagen, Spirulina, B12, D3 and Fish Oil

Legs up for lymphatic drainage. If you have been following us for a while you have probably heard this mantra a time or two, but it really does help. Elevating your legs at 90 degrees for at least 10 minutes helps increase oxygenation into the lower limbs and reduce water retention.

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