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Tetyana Probyy-Holova is the proud creator of the world renowned Cellulite Slayer™ massage technique and salons around the world. She holds a degree in Physio Rehabilitation, Human Health and Sport followed by certificates in post-operative care, laser therapies, yoga, life coaching. She is a former National Ukrainian Judo Champion. After undertaking physiotherapy treatments herself, she decided that she wanted to get a degree in the subject. From the age of 16 Tetyana has dedicated her time outside of being a full time body therapist to studying and learning about the latest in beauty, health, wellness and psychology, as well as the latest technologies. Tetyana has developed the Cellulite Slayer™ clinic into a team of carefully selected and personally trained specialists offering Cellulite Slayer massages combined with the latest treatments and technologies in an ever evolving field of expertise.

Cellulite Slayer™ helps women to look and feel confident in their appearance and to achieve their beauty goals by combining a back to basics approach to beauty with the latest technologies. Cellulite Slayer’s unique approach to delivering results has been featured on national television, in multiple publications, and is a favorite of many actors, models, editor, and journalists.

Cellulite Slayer
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Badriyah AlMudhaf
Badriyah AlMudhaf
17:23 22 May 24
Nisha is excellent!
Misbah Raza
Misbah Raza
16:56 21 May 24
Bia was amazing as usual. Thorough, professional and candid feed back. Lovely treatment!
Jackie Smith Hilliard
Jackie Smith Hilliard
19:04 01 May 24
Amazing!!! Absolutely love my treatments , the staff are so nice and helpful. Thank you very much . Cannot wait for next visit.
Bogdan Drinkov
Bogdan Drinkov
11:54 27 Apr 24
I've had an abdominal massage with Bia twice so far. I think it's called body contour. The service was outstanding. My gut felt better.Also, Tony is really friendly every time I come.I also love the infrared sauna. It was nice, private, and I could even bring my laptop and do some work. Maybe I'll bring my girlfriend with me next time. It's gonna be great for both of us.Absolutely recommend Cellulite Slayer!
Aida Langdon
Aida Langdon
19:51 01 Apr 24
Wonderful service. I had a facial with Marina, she was absolutely brilliant and her attention to detail is second to none. She really listened to my concerns, provided the recommendations and my skin looked great after the treatment. I have bought a course as I was happy with the result of the 1st treatment, will be coming back for more!
21:07 27 Feb 24
As always, a very professional service from the moment you walk in through the door. Tony is very courteous and greets you with a warm smile. My treatment today was with Alina, again, very professional. I've had the hydra therapy and the massages, you definitely notice a difference after the treatments. smoother, less bumpy skin. Definitely 5 star treatment and i look forward to the next treatment soon.
yasmine ghozzi
yasmine ghozzi
18:12 26 Jan 24
Erika is brilliant and a warm person too. I do lymphatic massage with her on almost monthly basis. My body always feels refreshed and I can always see results after her session. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for effective lymphatic massages.
Ashley Rothstein
Ashley Rothstein
12:18 23 Jan 24
I’ve been going to Cellulite Slayer for 1 year. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience there especially with Alina. She’s very professional and also personable. She works with you to establish a program suited to you and your needs. I’ve noticed changes in the texture and tightness of my skin and reduction of cellulite. I would highly recommend.
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Every Dimple Has A Story

Why are the dimples on our face cute and not cellulite but the same dimples from the waistline down are? Because not every dimple is cellulite.

What is Cellulite?

Most people use the term cellulite to refer to any dimpling effect in commonly affected areas when in reality there are a few causes of dimpling including water retention, fibrosis (due to previous surgery ), poor circulation, skin elasticity, weight gain/loss etc. Cellulite occurs as the fat cells get bigger. They fill up with fat and enlarge causing overstretching of the fascia. The fascia starts to separate and the fat bulges through the gaps creating a dimple effect. Behind this, there is atrophied muscle. This combination results in cellulite.

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Water retention is one of the most common causes of a cellulite effect. It is caused by fluid retention resulting from a poorly functioning lymphatic system. The fluid retention creates pockets of fluid that appear similar to cellulite. This is commonly genetic but can be as a result of different factors such as lifestyle (travelling, salt and sugar, food, and stress ), hormonal factors, capillary damage, and dehydration. Our Signature Cellulite Slayer Massage is very effective at targeting water retention and cellulite.

Fibrosis is the internal scarring of the connective tissue as a response to injury, damage or invasive and/or non-invasive aesthetic treatments such as liposuction, fat freezing, or injectables. It is part of the normal healing process, hence it is important a good aftercare after these procedures to avoid over-scarring . It is typically found on the arms and legs and appears like a dimple in the skin and is caused by the connective tissue between the skin and the muscle “sticking” to the muscle. There is no way to eliminate fibrosis with non-invasive treatments. However, our treatments can eliminate water retention and puffiness in the surrounding areas to make it lighter and a normal skin appearance.

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