4 Proven Health Benefits Of Pomegranate

The Delectable Pomegranate

We all know how delicious this fruit can be and enjoy it often, but did you know this fruit has extensive health benefits? Aside from being amazing to enjoy as a snack, there have been numerous studies exploring health benefits such as its effects on the skin, fertility, cancer, digestion, and menopausal symptoms!

There are so many amazing benefits, but today we are going to explore 4 proven ways pomegranate can help improve your health today. Let’s dive in.

May Have Cancer-Fighting Properties:There have been many clinical and pre-clinical studies showing evidence that the properties found in pomegranate juice may assist in fighting certain types of cancer. One study found that the juice of the fruit can suppress inflammatory cell signaling and prostate tumor growth. It does this through the compounds found in the fruit including luteolin, allergic acid, and punicic acid. Another study found it repressed aromatase activity and breast cancer cell proliferation!

May help Treat Some Skin Conditions:There have been quite a few studies that have explored whether or not pomegranate and its’ properties can improve skin quality or specific skin conditions. According to a study done in 2019, the results found that the peel extract, rich in phenolic properties, is safe and proven to have benefits for people who struggle with hyperpigmentation in their skin! Another study found that the tannins found in pomegranate extract proved to have properties that are antibacterial, anti-lipase, anti-keratinocyte proliferation, and anti-inflammatory. These have great potential to improve acne and skin quality!

Has Antibacterial Properties:Many cultures have used pomegranate for hundred of years stating it has properties that help fight certain infections. This folklore has now been proven in many studies! According to an article by Vildan Celiksoy and Charles M. Heard, they found that the properties found in pomegranates have been proven to assist with activities against parasites, fungi, viruses, and bacteria!

Improved Quality of Life and Irritating Symptoms of Menopause: There is some evidence to suggest that pomegranate can also improve many symptoms associated with menopause! A study was done on 75 menopausal women aged 44-45 that showed that 4 weeks of pomegranate supplementation resulted in improvement in menopausal symptoms including sweating hot flashes, paresthesia, insomnia, nervousness, melancholia, vertigo, fatigue, arthralgia, headache, formication, sexual complaints, and urinary tract infections.

Pretty amazing right?!

How To Incorporate Pomegranate Into Your Routine:So, now that we have the evidence to back up pomegranate health benefits, let’s explore how you can start implementing this amazing fruit into your life and start enjoying all these benefits.

Essential Oil:Another amazing way to use take advantage of pomegranate is to purchase some pomegranate essential oil! This oil can be used directly in food, on the skin, as a massage oil, or even in your hair to improve your scalp health. Be sure to get your extracts from a reliable source and always aim to get organic to be sure to get maximum health benefits.

Juice or Extract:Of course, the easiest way to get these benefits directly into your system is to ingest them. There are a few options here! You can buy some fresh fruit and enjoy it at home or even buy pomegranate juice concentrate to add to your smoothies, teas, or even drink directly if you love the tart yumminess!

Conclusion:With all of this evidence and easily accessible products, there is no denying that adding pomegranate into your diet and routine has massive benefits! So whether you want to improve your skin, or have a healthier and more radiant womb, I think it’s safe to say we love pomegranate for all its health-improving benefits!

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